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Cafe Ena

4601 Grand Street
Minneapolis, MN

During a whirlwind weekend trip to visit family and friends in the Minneapolis area we stopped by Cafe Ena and enjoyed an exceptional meal.

Hotel Note: If visiting Minneapolis and in need of accommodations, the Hilton Garden Inn is a superb choice (many others to choose from too.)

This charming and eclectically designed restaurant owned by Chef Hector Ruiz and his wife, Erin Ungerman, describes itself as Latin Fusion, a result of their love of Latin American cuisine and Chef Hector's French technique and presentation.

Cafe Ena

Great music, beautiful ambiance and knowledgeable servers. Perfect combo.

Lake Calhoun
After trotting around Lake Calhoun on an exceptionally warm and humid summer day,
our first order up were pitchers of ice cold sangria.


A table of six, we decided to order aperitivos and entrees and share them family style.


Pimento crusted beef medallions served with a duo bell pepper risotto, braised potatoes, asparagus, spicy andouille sausage served with a Rioja Demi glaze. This was an insanely, mouthwatering dish. The beef was a tender medium-rare and the Rioja really rounded out this sweet and spicy Demi glaze.

Carne a la Brava

Yellow cornmeal crusted calamari served with a serrano-cilantro aioli, drizzled with fresh chimichurri, garnished with micro greens. Crunchy on the outside, melt-in-your-mouth softness on the inside. The serrano-cilantro aioli had just the right herbiness with a touch of heat.

Camaron de Caribe

Beer Battered shrimp served over a curry corn-potato fritter, with a cilantro aioli, pickled red onion, and micro cilantro. The curry corn-potato fritter was had such a unique flavor combination. This was my favorite. I almost ordered another one.

Camaron de Caribe


Fresh avocado, yellow and red tomatoes, red onion, roasted tomato salsa, micro cilantro, served with homemade tortilla chips. A humongous tower of creamy, spicy guacamole with the freshest chips.


Served on a bed of mixed herb greens with a lemon vinaigrette. A refreshing, palette cleansing dish to follow this plethora of taste treats. But the surprise underneath was a flavorful, fall off the bone, portion of spiced pork loin.

Ensalada con Quail Egg
But wait,  we also ordered the...


Pistachio crusted salmon served over french lentils, squash, zucchini, crimini broth, creme fraiche, fried shallots, truffle oil.

But it was so delicious, including the lentils, that I believe we ate the photo. I can't wait to go back to Cafe Ena when I'm back in the Twin City area.

Buen provecho!

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  1. What a great trip we had and Cafe Ena was a delight! I would love to experience this restaurant in the Fall to taste their seasonal dishes