Lasagna Ristorante - Old Standby In Chelsea - NYC - Foodie Alert!

Sometimes, when you live in a city like New York where there are too many restaurants to choose from, it's comforting to return to an old standby.

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Lasagna Ristorante - 196 8th Ave (at 20th St.) is my go-to in Chelsea. I hesitate to call it a "gay" restaurant, but it is. Thankfully. It may surprise a lot of people to know that in Manhattan, these restaurants are few and far between. It's not flaming in your face, well, it can be sometimes, but Lasagna is fun, comfortable, and the food is yummy. And not to fear, it's straight-friendly.

Like its name, Lasagna offers a multitude of lasagnas - veal lasagna, eggplant lasagna, prosciutto lasagna, chicken lasagna, lobster lasagna, and even...create your own lasagna! So, it's a lasagna restaurant...but so much more. They have steaks, chicken, seafood, all prepared with a strong Mediterranean influence.

Combination platter.
On my most recent visit we ordered the combination platter appetizer to start - fried calamari, mozzarella sticks and eggplant parmigiana. It was all great, but the eggplant was really terrific. I think next visit I will try their eggplant lasagna.

Seafood pasta.
For entrées we ordered two specials. First up, seafood pasta. Mussels, clams, shrimp, and tender calamari are swimming in a pool of garlicky white wine sauce. Devoured it!

Sautéed tilapia.
Second was the sautéed tilapia. I'm sorry that this picture does not do this dish justice. It's topped with mushrooms and artichokes and was so flavorful and moist. Sometimes tilapia can be dry and is easily overcooked but this was perfect. I almost ordered another one!

And when the weather is beautiful, like it was on this visit, french doors open out onto a charming sidewalk cafe. Awhile back, writing colleagues and I even had a rousing round (rectangular) table dinner at Lasagna. It's a great place for a party.

Buon appetito!

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