The NYC Appetizer Crawl Continues - Monument Lane - West Village

Monument Lane 
103 Greenwich Ave

Happy Hour with Bar Menu
Weekdays 3pm - 7pm
Weekends 4pm - 7pm 

Pardon my shameless self-promotion but it's demonstrating how much I really like Monument Lane. In my latest novel, Dizzy: A Fictional Memoir . . .

. . . a very important scene in the book takes place in what is called, Farm To Table, which in reality is Monument Lane. For those of you visiting New York City, here is a link to the Standard Hotel and other great stays in the West Village.

Monument Lane is a charming, rustically decorated restaurant, located in the west village. With an ever changing seasonal menu, they support regional farmers and growers while promoting sustainable culinary practices. It also has one of the most gorgeous bathrooms in New York City. An important barometer when judging restaurants, I think.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the West Village area was pastoral, with marshlands full of mussels and oysters and orchards of apple and cherry trees. Who knew? New Yorkers living in crowded "downtown" escaped the madness of city living by coming up to the "country" on a road called Monument Lane, which is now Greenwich Avenue. The restaurant has a beautiful and romantic dining room . . .

 and bar . . .

but my favorite place to sit is at the large communal table situated in the front corner window. But alas, it was taken. On a beautiful spring day like today, you'd think you were anywhere but in New York City. There are also several quaint tables outside that you can sit at.

Here was today's bar menu . . .

And you can't beat the prices - snacks $3 - $4, NY State wines $8 and Craft beers on tap $5. I ordered the Brussels Sprouts with Bartlett Pear and the Smoked Whitefish with Grilled Bread . . .

And a glass of their Cabernet Franc.

The lightly smoked whitefish was so fresh and luscious when topped on the grilled bread. The bread alone, was crazy delicious. I must get a flame grill for my NYC apartment. Or at the very least, a blow torch. Don't worry, I have a fire extinguisher. I just have to read the directions on how to use it.

And I love Brussels Sprouts and make them all the time but these were insanely addictive. Maybe roasted? Served with shavings of Parmesan and sweet Bartlett Pear and I think a hint of balsamic vinegar. These taste treats vanished within seconds. What a great and unexpected pairing of the vegetable and fruit. And the full-bodied Cabernet Franc was the perfect libation to enjoy with these appetizers.

Having arrived on the early side of Happy Hour, this quick glass of wine and yummy bar snacks hit the spot and held me over till dinner time. Can't wait to return...and I promise I'll have pics of the restrooms!


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