The Salt Cellar - The Appetizer Crawl Continues with Smart Cocktails in Saint Paul, MN

The Salt Cellar

173 Western Ave.
St. Paul, MN
(651) 219-4013

My beautiful niece, Leigh-Anne, and I decided to drop in at the Salt Cellar, and check out their much celebrated happy hour.  The Salt Cellar is diagonally across the street from the A W Frost & Company!

If you're in need of accommodations while in Saint Paul, there's always the terrific Saint Paul Hotel - and many others to choose from.

How's this for Happy Hours hours?? Two sets a night, Tuesday through Saturday!

Happy Hours
Tue - Thu 3pm - 6pm & 9pm - Close
Fri - Sat 3pm - 6pm & 10pm - Close

This very casual but classy bar/restaurant, has an amazing cocktail list with the likes of....Old Blue Eyes, The Longest Winter and a Ritz Old Fashioned. But they also have daily drink specials, which I settled for. 

In the foreground is a Sanrita! A combo of Italian red wine, tequila and a splash of Cointreau, orange liquor. I considered it a risky mash up of alcohol but it sure went down easy, "Tastes just like candy!" (hiccup). And the background drink is a classic sidecar...bourbon, Cointreau and lemon juice with a sugared rim. Another hit at the table.

Wanting another smart cocktail, but not on an empty stomach, we decided upon their prime rib sandwich - shaved prime rib with horseradish Havarti and mushroom conserve with addictive fries. A super sophisticated French dip sandwich that literally melts in your mouth. Add the earthy undertones of the mushrooms with the pungent horseradish Havarti cheese = heaven!

We also had an order of the wild shrimp cakes with lovage (think pungent plant) tartar sauce.

We'll be back for sure, maybe for a proper sit down dinner. Their menu looks amazing. In the meantime, tell Sean, the bartender, that The Dizzy Traveler sent you.


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