44 & X Hell's Kitchen and the Dear Effin Hansen - New York City - Foodie Alert!

44 & X Hell's Kitchen
622 10th Ave @ 44th Street
(212) 977-1170

I'm constantly on the lookout for new and exciting restaurants in the theatre district area of the city and earlier this week, when joining my friend Jon for dinner, I'd realized that it had been years since I visited 44 & X Hell's Kitchen. I had previously enjoyed dinners there but somehow it had fallen off of my radar.

Located on the northeast corner of 44th Street and 10th Avenue in New York City, I had forgotten what a beautiful restaurant this is. With Crisp clean lines, 44 & X has an elegant cottage feel that takes you far away from the crazy, hectic energy of Manhattan. We surprisingly lucked out and landed a table without reservations. The menu, billed as seasonally inspired re-imagined American classics, offers everything from buttermilk fried chicken to Vermont cheddar macaroni and cheese to turkey and wild mushroom meat loaf, wrapped in bacon. Gourmet comfort food. For starters Jon had the Mediterranean salad . . .

Mediterranean Salad

.  .  . which was bright with a beautiful balance of herbs and uber fresh ingredients. As Jon said, "It was very refreshing." And I had the Maine lobster taco with charred tomato salsa and avocado relish with cilantro.

Maine Lobster Taco

Usually, when it comes to lobster I'm a purist and don't want it served with anything other than a side of clarified butter and and a wedge of lemon but this dish was wonderful. The lobster was definitely the star of the dish and sang out loud and clear.

For an entrée Jon had the crispy sea bass with chanterelle mushrooms, braised asparagus, and artichokes with a saffron mussel broth . . .

Crispy Sea Bass

. . . which he said was excellent. The sea bass was crispy and the addition of the saffron mussel broth was delicious. I had the grilled braised short ribs with basil mashed potatoes and a black truffle port wine reduction.

Braised Short Ribs

I could have ordered a second dish, it was so perfect. The meat was flavorful and fork tender and the basil mashed potatoes were heavenly. Speaking of heaven . . .

. . . the waiters are not only cute, but extremely professional and courteous. When he turns around you see the humor, considering we are in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York.

Well, I'm not forgetting about this restaurant anytime soon and when friends, who either live in the city or are visiting, ask for another great dining recommendation near the theatre district I'm going to sing out . .  . go to 44 & X Hell's Kitchen. Speaking of Broadway musicals, they have clever and interesting cocktails with names that are a play on titles like . . . the Dear Effin Hansen made with Effin black cherry vodka. Fun!

Bon Appetit!

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