Markt - New York City - Foodie Alert!

On a gorgeous but busy Friday afternoon at the start of Memorial Day Weekend in New York City, I took a friend's advice and dropped by Martk restaurant in Chelsea to taste, in particular, their mussels.

Markt Restaurant
676 Sixth Avenue (@ 21st Street)

Just missing the noon day rush, I sat at the bar and ordered a pinot grigio while I perused the menu of this Belgian brasserie.

In regards to mussels, the restaurant offers a heaping 2.2 lbs of these beauties in the shell, steamed with sliced onions, celery, and fresh spices and with it comes a bounty of Belgian frites. Your sauce/herb options are: Blanche - steamed in Belgian white ale, Creme et l'ail - with garlic and fresh cream, Vin blanc - steamed in white wine, Provencale - tomato, fresh basil, peppers, and onion, Coriandre - cilantro, curry and a dash of cream, or Moules Thai - coconut milk and lemon grass. Going with the very friendly bartender's advice, I chose the Coriandre.

Oh my gosh, there were enough mussels for an army but they were so plump and juicy and the broth was so "bottle this up right now and sell it" delicious, that I was tempted to order a second helping!

And the frites were golden, crispy fries from heaven. I polished off the entire cone-full. I'm definitely coming back to try their other versions of mussels. But a reminder, this is not just mussel beach...the lunch menu ranges from beef tatare to hamburgers and lasagna to macaroni and six cheeses with black truffles. Plus I need to taste their Belgian beers.

Bon app├ętit!

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