Danji - Korean Tapas - NYC - Foodie Alert!

346 West 52nd Street (bet 8th & 9th Ave)

HOTEL NOTE : If interested in a hotel in this area of NYC, check out the Wellington Hotel and many others to choose from.

Korean tapas . . . who would have thunk? Well, it was just a matter of time.

Danji makes the best use of a tiny and narrow establishment however . . . 

DIZZY NOTE: For all of my fellow vestibular and Menieres disease sufferers, I honestly can not recommend the restaurant. Too loud, too busy, stool/chairs with low backs and I was seated at the end of a communal table. The hostess stood, the entire meal, at the end of our table, seating people. Many times my chair or body was knocked about. And the conversation between the two ladies next us was so loud and their discussion so . . . unappetizing. Having said all that, the food is startling wonderful. (Wish they delivered up to my neighborhood.)

Look, how clever is this? At my seat there was a drawer under the table and inside . . . the menu!

Trio of Kimchi

First up was our trio of kimchi. Kimchi is a fermentation of vegetables that is both sour and spicy. We had pickles, cabbage, and daikon radish. But the star of the trio were the pickles. Tangy and spicy but not too hot. They could bottle these and make a fortune.

Garlic Honey Wings with Peanuts
These garlic honey wings with peanuts tasted much yummier than they look. Impossible to eat with chop sticks, these wings are sweet, savory, and finger licking good.

Bulgogi Beef Sliders
Next up were the bulgogi (grilled marinated) beef sliders with the scrumptious spicy pickled cucumber again and scallion salsa served on light and puffy cloud-like buns.

Cod with Spicy Daikon
Next was the soy-poached black cod with spicy daikon. The cod was perfectly cooked and the perfect canvas to absorb all of the delicious flavors.

Braised Pork Belly

Lastly, we ordered the bossam - braised pork belly with scallion and dehydrated daikon kimchi with  strips of cabbage. Traditionally this dish is served all wrapped up in the cabbage but here we're given the opportunity to build it ourselves.

Danji - be prepared for a three ring circus of flavors and spices dancing all about your taste buds. And for those of you who can handle the sound and extreme visual stimuli . . . run, don't walk, to Danji.

맛있게 드세요

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