The NYC Appetizer Crawl Continues...Nice Matin, Upper West Side

Spring in New York City is magical. Short lived but bursting with color.

When walking by these hyacinths on Park Avenue, their scent was as stunning as the color. And then during a stroll through Central Park I caught a glimpse of the myriad of Magnolia trees we have peppered through out the city. Here we're at Cleopatra's Needle.

NYC's weather is very fickle. Forecasters say that it's supposed to snow on Sunday. But tonight, the warm spring air embraced the Upper West Side pulling New Yorkers out of their apartments in droves.

Nice Matin
201 West 79th Street at Amsterdam Avenue

For those of you who are visiting New York City, there's a great list of hotels to choose from. In fact, Nice Matin is located in the very lovely Hotel Lucerne.

Walking down Amsterdam Avenue reminded me of the amazing transformation this neighborhood has experienced over the years. It's shifted from a very iffy part of Manhattan into restaurant row and every establishment was hopping! Peeking in the windows of Nice Matin, we could see there were stools available at the bar and we quickly entered to secure our spots.

This restaurant is one of several located throughout NYC and together they make up the Tour de France. Looking at their dinner menu we wanted to have a quick cocktail and a couple of appetizers and ended up choosing the grilled asparagus with hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and gribiche (a flavorful homemade mayonnaise but the eggs are cooked.)

The gribiche had a fantastic zing to it. We also ordered their warm burrata (fresh mozzarella filled with cream) with chunky tomato sauce, roasted garlic and olivade (think olive, onions, capers, cheese) spread over sour dough toast points.

Sorry, I was so excited to try this dish, my hand was shaky hence the blurry pic. My bad.
Once I cut into the burrata the decadent cream oozed out and blended beautifully with the tomatoes and basil. So light and refreshing.

Accompanied with vodka martinis, this was the perfect light bite on this continuous - thank goodness - appetizer crawl throughout New York City.

Bon Appetite!